Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Onions

I might be one of the last people to realize this phenomenon, but I just started regrowing my green onions.  My first batch got kind of gross because I didn't change the water every day, but my second batch turned out great. I didn't really need them when they had reached about 12 inches, so I just chopped them and put them in the freezer because I read you could do that. (??)  I will report back when I find out if it works and they taste good.

Monday, January 09, 2012


My sister and I got an awesome deal on oatmeal about a month ago and I decided to use some of it to make some granola.  I didn't really want to buy a lot of extra ingredients, so I chose a recipe that I found in my Everyday Food Magazine. I just had to buy some honey, which I was out of, and some coconut. To all you haters, I realize that some people don't enjoy coconut. I have a theory that people either LOVE coconut or HATE it. I personally love it and I was excited to find this recipe.

Here is the cast of characters: Oatmeal, honey, brown sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla, salt (not pictured), pecans, coconut, chocolate chips, raisins (not used).

Look! I found a lost spoon buried in my brown sugar!
The wet ingredients

Chopped pecans

Mixed ingredients

Ready to go in the oven. (Yes I realize that I need to utilize one of those Pinterest tutorials on how to clean your pans!)

Right out of the oven.
Finished product. The article in the magazine had a picture of it spilling out of the jar like this. For your viewing pleasure I did the same.