Friday, March 03, 2006

Home Sick

I stayed home from work today. Fever and cough came over me last night. No fun. I was supposed to go out to eat with Esther and Andrea today for lunch, but instead they came over and brought lunch to me. I warned them that I was sick and they still brought the babies over. I didn't touch them, so hopefully they won't get sick. Those kids are so funny. They would hear each other crying and then both of them would be crying. We were trying to get pictures of both of them in their hats that I made them and they wouldn't cooperate. We did get a couple of cute shots

I submitted these cards to CARDS Magazine. No luck. They didn't like them. Oh well. I will sell them. I especially like this first one. I made 9 of them, so hopefully other people will like them as well. It was simple and it looks so sparkly!

I think tomorrow I will try to make some more. Hopefully I will be feeling better. Being sick stinks!


  1. shirley12:58 PM

    Hi Becca,
    Love the cards, and the cute, sweet babies, but the HATS, ohhh, the hats are awesome. So colorful, love them!
    (from 2 peas)

  2. hopefully you are feeling better now!