Saturday, July 19, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

I went out with Karin and Melissa last night. We decided to go to McCoy's Public House in St. Louis Park. It turned out to pretty good! We went right after work, so we got in on the happy hour specials. I got magharita pizza and Karin got huge handmade pretzels as appetizers. Both were only $3.99, so we decided to try them out. It turned out that my pizza was a full-sized pizza and her pretzels were huge as well. We could have probably had them for our whole meal!

We did decide to order full-sized meals. I got the smoked salmon club with sweet potato fries, Melissa got the applewood smoked chicken and Karin got the pot roast. We were all very pleased with our selections.

The is the second time that the three of us have gone out to eat (the first was Red Lobster...hilarious!). We brought up the idea of making this a regular occurrence. We would like to check out restaurants that we have never been to and then rate the food. We talked about starting a separate blog and rating the restaurants, but we thought that would get to be a little too silly. :)

I stole most of these pictures from Karin's Facebook page, so I hope she doesn't get mad at me! I think that when you post them to FB the size is reduced, so that's why they are so tiny. The one picture of my plate was taken with my new phone. I don't know how the quality is going to be, but I didn't have any other camera!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Leave me a comment on your plans for the weekend!

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  1. What fun that would be to critique restaurants while having fun with girls! Tessa and I went to see Beth Moore this weekend. She was great!