Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday Outside

Sunday I got the notion to do some weeding. It ended up that I was outside for 4 hours! I got a lot done and the yard looks really nice! Jeremy is going to be so proud of me!
When I was finishing up I was weeding around a lavender plant that is growing by our front door. I decided to pick some of it and put it in a glass so that it would smell good in the house for awhile (I have no idea if this is what you do with lavender or not??? I didn't feel like drying it at the moment) I thought that the glass looked good sitting by the chair on my front porch, so I took some pictures of it.

When I had my camera in my hand I heard some buzzing behind me. I saw that there was a bee on the lavender!

I think I need a better lens. This was a little too close for comfort! I was seriously really close to this bee!

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