Sunday, November 09, 2008

Internet Resources and BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

Are there some websites that you utilize all the time for helpful information? I find myself going back to the same websites over and over when I need good deals, travel information, recipes, etc. Here are some that I visit frequently:

I think the common thread through all of these websites is that real people make real reviews and comments. I love Allrecipes because real people can post how they have made the recipes even better and on Fatwallet and Slickdeals people post good deals that they have found at stores or online. Sometimes the replies to those posts can get pretty tough if the deals aren't good enough or if a certain online code doesn't work, but that makes participants only post the really good finds.

I would love to find some more excellent resources and that is where you come in! Post a comment in the comments section of this post with your best online resources. I'm looking for anything; fashion, decor, saving money, travel, etc. these can be blogs, forums or any other type of website. Next Sunday I will randomly draw a name from the comments and you will win a set of these mini note cards and a card very similar to this one. (accidentally put my stamp on the back vertically instead of horizontally, so I'm not going to be selling it)
If you post a link on your blog to my giveaway, I will give you two entries to the drawing!
Please remember to give me some way to contact you in your post!!!!


  1. I have had SlickDeals and Allrecipes bookmarked for years!
    I am Canadian, so and (the forums) are staples for me. is another great site for unbiased user reviews on EVERYTHING!

  2. I *heart* slickdeals. is great for mystery shopping, freebies and surveys.

  3. I think amazon is really good for buying books you get good prices and reviews from readers

  4. is great for recipes. And to stay in touch with all my peeps. And to pimp my pics.
    Oh and is my home sweet home.

  5. thank you for this info, I have never before heard of these sights

  6. These are everything that i use almost every day... sorry the list is long.... Well if you write many word documents but do not want to by word try open office its amazing, if you have a google at the top right change it to igoogle and choose applications and things you want to see (i use this for garfield/ jokes of the day/ news/ everything) when you don't knwo a word. One that I absolutely love and you should try is INSTRUCTABLES.COM this website is amazing for instructions even better than ehow real people teach you to make things from food, to clothes, to jewlery.. for movies. Amazon is very good for books and such... The list goes on but these are the main websites that i personally visit...
    If you want to ask mor my email is:

  7. is a great starting point for investigating airfare. I often use for hotels. If you're a foodie, you should check out, a truly amazing food blog. Another fantastic blog: She's one amazing woman!
    Thanks for the contest!

  8. I usually read the reviews on Amazon as well (same as demmi) before I buy stuff - not just books, though - appliances, electronics, toys, etc.

    If you need to know anything about a movie or TV,

  9. If you love music, love to hear new music and don't have the funds to buy cd's or download music, check out You enter a song or singer you like and it will pay music by that person/that song and stuff similar to it. I prefer it now over downloading or just listening to the radio. It's your own jukebox.

  10. I love Google,, that's just a few. I love the recipes on Cooks... there are sooo many to chose from! And fb.. I'm addicted! we have decided I'm a social ho!:-D