Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Decorating

With the Christmas season in full swing I haven't had time to post much here. I thought I would share a couple of pictures of my decorations. They have been up since the day after Thanksgiving, but I just got around to taking pictures last weekend. It is really hard to get good pictures when it is dark when I leave in the morning and dark when I get home!

I hope to have more pictures coming soon. Tomorrow we are getting new counter tops! They aren't anything spectacular, but to us they will be grand! The counters that we have now are original to the house (1989) and they are a very light off-white color. I have stainless steel mixing bowls and whenever I use them they mark up the counter, along with anything else that is stainless steel or metal (cake pans, any metal utensils, pans, etc.) Anyway, I'm going to take a before and after picture just so that I remember what the old one looks like. The new counters will also be light because I didn't want to make the room really dark, but they will have a texture and they also have a little bit of a pattern that makes it look like stone. Along with the counters also comes a new sink, faucet and disposal. Yippee! No more noisy disposal!

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  1. Good to have you blogging again! I miss it when you don't blog!