Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally Back!

After almost a month I'm finally posting again! I have been really lazy in by blog posts mainly due to the fact that the holidays were really busy and I didn't bring my camera to many of the holiday functions. I don't really like to post without pictures because I personally become disinterested in blogs that are all writing and no photos. I like to skim through the photos and if there is something that interests me I then read the writing. That is probably pretty shallow of me, but it's the truth.

Anyway, as promised, there are some before and after photos of our counter tops and sink! The before isn't terrible. It's not like our counters were pink or in really bad shape, but we were just really getting tired of them. Whenever we put a metal pan, bowl, utensil or even opened a can on top of them it would leave a terrible mark that could only be removed by extreme scrubbing or the magic eraser. It also had a seam on the corner of the island. Here are the before pictures:
(much thanks to Jeremy the photographer who took these while I was in the shower and we were waiting for the guy to come.)

This is the mess of stuff on the table that is normally in the kitchen either on the counter, under the sink or in the top drawers.

Seam going through the corner of the island

Sink with old school sprayer.

Here's the new sink! I LOVE this sink! It seems deeper, even though I don't think it is. The sprayer is in the handle and can reach every inch of the sink. The right bowl is bigger than the left side which is nice when I have big pans. The left side is smaller and a little cutting board came in the box and it fits exactly over the sink. The new disposal is so quiet that I can barely hear it! The old one used to shake the whole kitchen.

The new corner has no seam!


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I didn't realize there was no seam. How can that be? Kristi

  2. I have no idea! I think there is a small seam in the middle of the sink area? It is so much more unnoticeable.