Thursday, January 22, 2009

Noah's 3rd Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Noah's (my nephew) 3rd birthday at the Mall of America. He got a wrist band for the rides and we all took turns being his chaperon. It was basically his day and he got to do whatever he wanted. He had a great time!

He was really anxious to get on the first ride (the carousel). He didn't want to wait in line.

He chose grandma to go with him first.

He went straight for the pig. He also liked the race horse and the ostrich. I think he went on the carousel 4 times!

Uncle Nathan took him on the train.

We only got one picture of Noah and I on the balloons. He didn't like them at all and got pretty scared.

He also got a little scared on the farm friends (??) ride, but by the end he enjoyed it. I think he was apprehensive because he had to go by himself. By the time he got off he wanted to go again.

He was a good listener when they said to "raise your hands."

On daddy's shoulders.

He enjoyed honking the horns on the semi trucks with uncle Jeremy.


  1. Grandma Karen8:49 AM

    Great pictures Becca. It was a fun day and these will help us to remember the day.

  2. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I like the two 'peeking' ones! And of course - the one with grandma!! Kristi