Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Diaper Duty

Cora's 2nd birthday is coming up soon and thanks to Pinterest I have been flooded with ideas of fun things to make for her.  She has really started to be interested in playing with her dolls and lately she has been very concerned about how few (errr, none) diapers her babies have.  It seems in her mind they are always messing their pants.  I decided that diapers would have to be the first project to tackle, so of course I turned to Pinterest.

A couple of months ago I had pinned a post from Probably Actually where she made adorable polka dot diapers for her daughter's babies.  Her post can be found here  If you have time, check out her whole blog. She has some fantastic things that she has made for her daughter and her photography of her projects is beautiful.  I will be making some more of her projects in the future.

I ended up printing out the template and tutorial for the diapers from Skip To My Lou. Cora's dolls seem to be a little bit smaller than the template, so I made it about 1/4 of an inch smaller all around. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it worked!

As a novice seamstress I have never worked with Velcro before. I bought the heat and bond kind for simplicity and it seems to have a pretty good bond to the fabric.  If it starts to come off after being played with, I will sew it on.

I have a feeling I will be helping to change baby diapers for awhile, but that's ok.  I hope she loves them! I have more projects in the works for her birthday and I hope to be posting more soon.


  1. Those are adorable doll diapers! Good job, Becca!

  2. those are really adorable, and so many of them - i'm impressed!! glad the skip to my lou pattern worked for you, they look like a perfect fit!