Friday, January 18, 2013

My Latest Finds

I thought I would do a quick post about what I found this week at the thrifts stores. I am really ready to get outside and start going to estate sales and garage sales again, but until the weather warms up (-16 degrees F this weekend!) I will need to settle for the thrift stores.

Some of the things (not everything) I found this week:
  • 2+ yards of vintage barkcloth with fun tropical pattern
  • Dansk candle holder
  • Delft tile says, "Nederland" 
  • 3 vintage scarves
  • Black candle holders from Sweden
  • Mystery tile 

coral italy triangles

Cora and I needed to get out of the house yesterday, so we (I) decided to go shopping and make a lunch stop at McDonalds (I know, I'm a bad mom). I spotted the coral scarf at with the triangles right away. I loved the design.  It had the name, "Salvatore Ferragamo" on it. I do not buy high end clothing and I had never heard of that name, but it said it was 100% silk and made in Italy, so I held on to it. I found the other two scarves which seemed to be of high quality as well, so I snatched them up too. As I was standing in line, I looked up the name "Salvatore Ferragamo" and I was pretty pleased with my find. All accessories were 50% off, so I really got them for a steal. I don't know if the other two scarves are as desirable, but that's ok.

I have some questions for anyone out there in blog land who is reading this...

Does anyone know anything about this tile? It think it is adorable, but I can't find anything about it. Is it Mexican? 

Another question I have is about the Swedish candle holders. I just can't tell if they are vintage. My gut tells me no. The bottoms are just too "new" looking.  They also seem to have some sort of weights on the bottom that make a rattling sound. I have a vintage red candle holder and the shapes vary slightly.


Can anyone help me out?

I've promised myself that I'm going to try to keep my blog posts short and simple so that I don't get blogger burn out.  I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl, The Cottage Market, Sir Thrift A Lot, Young Heart Old Soul and A Living Space for the first time. Welcome to any readers who found my blog though them!


  1. Amazing finds! Found you through ATG. Now following!

  2. The danks candleholder is great! Like the orange scarf,too. Greetings from Germany!

  3. You found some lovely things!!! I would have grabbed all of them, too. :)

    I wanted to invite you to join in my thrifted link up.


  4. Hey! Great finds there! Really digging that tile and the scarf! Thanks for popping by...I'm your newest follower!

  5. Wow! You really scored!! Totally love that tile- don't know anything about it other than is it too cute! I also love going to thrift stores. Enjoyed reading this post:)

  6. really nice lot! especially nice fabric and ferragamo scarf!
    hard to say about the candleholders - with that type of inked stamping, they do look 60-70's to me... i think they'd sticker them if they were newer? just a gut feeling :)
    Aniko from