Friday, January 18, 2013

Once Again, I'm Back

I seem to have this love hate relationship with blogging. I can do it for awhile and then I get tired of putting the time into it. I think I need to make it more simple. From now on I will be posting simple updates about what is going on around the house. I've said this before and I haven't followed through, so we will see how it goes this time.

For the past six months or more I have really been getting into thrifting. I just love finding treasures that have been discarded.  I have decided to reopen Whatever is Lovely and concentrate more on selling vintage items that I have found in my thrifting journeys. If I make more cards or other creations, they will definitely go in the store, but right now I'm going to concentrate on vintage. I have also been selling some thrifted items on eBay that don't fit the Etsy demographic, but I do feel that my true love is with Etsy.

I've had items in my store for about two weeks and I've already had two sales. I'm excited about that because I have only listed 28 items.

My first sale was a variety of vintage clothes pins. I found them at Goodwill and threw them in my cart on the way out of the store. 

.My second sale was purchased less than 24 hours after I listed it. I found this fun mid century nut server at an estate sale last Sunday after church. I saw it in the ad and I convinced Jeremy to go by the sale on our way home. Luckily it was still there. After I got in the car, I was looking at the listings on Etsy and realized that I had forgotten to pick up the wood bowls that went with the orb. After we picked up some lunch, Jeremy drove me back to the sale and I snatched up the bowls.  I might have priced it to low, but I guess I'll learn for next time. Plus, it was encouraging to get a couple of sales under my belt this week.

This post is supposed to be a short one, so I suppose I will end it here. Thanks for reading about my latest adventures. I hope to keep posting and keep up-to-date on what's going on in the shop and around the house.

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