Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Day Off

Today I had another day off. I really didn't get much accomplished. I feel really crummy when I don't get things done on my day off. I know that it is completely my fault for just sitting around all day and not getting anything done. I think I need to set some goals for myself so that I'm able to get organized and get to work.
I was also really inspired today by Rebecca Sower's last couple of posts on her blog. She is so full of good things. She is a real woman of God and her posts and everything that she does reflect that. I think that I really need to unplug for a couple of days. The tv, internet and everything "plugged in" seems to suck people away from things that are important; projects, chores, people. I think a couple of days without at least tv and internet would do me a lot of good. Maybe next week ...

The one thing that I did get done was to go through all of my old magazines. I pulled out all of the inspiration/ideas/patterns/decor/recipes that I thought I might want in the future. I put them into a notebook that I got at Target. It was actually kind of satisfying being able to see all of that inspiration in one small notebook. I will keep adding to it in the future. It was kind of fun because even though I didn't use any scrapping supplies, it really does kind of look like a scrapbook.
Lately I have been in the mood to make real food. Last Saturday I made some cream of broccoli soup. From this recipe on I didn't have celery, so I didn't use it. It turned out pretty good. I got broccoli at Target for .50 and I had to use it up!
Last night I also had some rotisserie chicken that needed to be used up. There wasn't enough for both of us, so I pulled out this recipe all from Allrecipes. I added mushrooms and onions and used 1% milk instead of whole cream. I LOVED this recipe. We are fighting over who gets to take it to work tomorrow!

That's all I have for tonight. I hope everyone has a great evening!

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  1. Very cool Becca. I have been meaning to make myself an inspiration notebook. I even already have the notebook that I decorated...just have to fill it. One of these days. Those recipes look great. I'll have to try them! I've been meaning to make some soup!