Thursday, February 07, 2008

Crunch and Munch

Tuesday night Jeremy and Nathan decided to go to the Republican Caucus for the first time. (I was babysitting Noah for the evening) I think they were both excited about finding out what it was all about. This is Nathan's first Presidential Election and he had gone to the Ron Paul Rally at the U of M on Monday night. He had a huge Ron Paul lawn sign that he put in the windshield of our car right before they went in. This is what they found when they came back to the car:

I don't know if someone purposely did this because they didn't like Nathan's sign or what. To me it looks like whoever did it knew that they did it (how could you not know that you hit a car this hard?) and they chose not to leave a note. Jeremy took it in to get an estimate today and the insurance company is supposed to contact us by tomorrow. I also called the high school today to see if they have cameras in the parking lot. The officer ended up talking to Jeremy again and he said he would look at their tapes to see if anything was there. Hopefully he will find something! If not, I guess we are out our $500 deductible.
On to lighter things - we went to Cub Foods last night and I had my whole shopping trip planned out. I think I had a coupon for every item I bought! I am so dumb that I took a picture of all of the food I got.

Here is a list of it all:

3-Boxes of cereal, 2 - Cake mixes, 3-Frosting tubs, 3-Pizza crusts, 2-Gordita kits, 2-Packages of deli meat, 2-Packages of fresh chicken breasts, 1-Bag of chips, 1-Loaf of bread, 1-Can of olives, 1-Can of mushrooms, 1-Bunch of bananas, 20-String Cheese (from Target)

My grand total was $15.32! I think that's pretty good considering the chicken itself was over $13 if I would have paid full price. When we were checking out the teenage cashier looked at Jeremy and said, "Man, it's like you're trying to game the system." and "Is this necessary?" Jeremy just looked at him and said, "Yep." It really helps that Cub lets you use their coupons and also manufacturer coupons. Plus they had a deal if you buy 10 selected items you get $10 off your meat purchase. Nice.

Ok, that's enough rambling on about my shopping! The last news of the day is that today we had a meeting at work and every one's hours were cut to 30 hrs per week. I guess I wasn't surprised at all. I'd heard rumors about it. I think I will be taking one day off per week and starting the day at 8:30. That day off might give me some time to do more home cooking and some crafting. I'm thinking about opening at Etsy store and I think this will give me time to do that.

On that note I will end. I have laundry and other things calling my name. Tomorrow is Friday!!


  1. The car is a lot worse then I was thinking when you left on Tuesday. Yet, it is still, "completely drivable".

    I was thinking about getting a Museum pass and taking Noah to the zoo one day soon. Maybe you would want to come along with us. (Yes, it is completely inside) I think he would really like the dolphin show.

  2. Somone not Becca's Husband10:48 PM

    This is the bestest blog I have ever been on. Thanks for writing it.