Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Being Creative

Last weekend I was able to work a lot on Friday and Sunday and I actually got a lot done!! I made 32 cards total, 8 sets of 4. Some of these are very similar to cards that I have made before and have sold out of.

Sometimes I try to be funny, but I just don't know if people get my weird sense of humor. This might be the case with the last two cards. If I'm totally off-base with these two, let me know! I need to not look like a fool. :)

Thanks for visiting! Hope you all are having a good week!


  1. Actually, the one that made me really smile was the second to the last one.. so, I get it and it's funny! They are beautiful!

  2. Becca

    I think your cards are great. I had a good (quiet) chuckle over them. (I'm sitting in a meeting so I had to do it quietly)

    You can capture the humorous side of a picture that the rest of us need to see.

    Keep up the great look.


  3. Have to say...I love the cards...as usual!

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Love them! I love humor! Don't worry about the stick-in-the-muds.

  5. It's been 2 weeks.....waiting.....