Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ode to Tessa and Barb

This blog post is dedicated to Barb and Tessa. Mother and daughter who both reminded me on the same day that it has been two weeks since I've last updated my blog!

One of the main reasons...or excuses I have is that my camera takes a really long time to download my photos. My Powershot is a lot faster than my Rebel. I use the Rebel most of the time, so posts are few and far between. If anyone wants to buy me a card reader or get me a new, faster computer that would be great. I hope to try to back up some of my photos soon and hopefully that will get me a little more speed.

I did download some photos tonight, but these have been on my camera for a long time. This is going to be total randomness!

Remember, this is all for you Barb and Tessa!

Our driveway as we were re-doing our rocks. They had lots of weeds in them, so we pulled them all out and washed them off and put them back...sorry, I don't have an "after" picture right now.

This is Lena. She's my friend Sara and Eric's daughter. I was watching her one night at church and took a couple of shots.

The three above photos are from Highland park when we took a little walk for memorial day. Noah and Esther loved going down the big slide!

We went to Iron Man with Karin and Trevor and there was this display outside the theater. Even though we won't be seeing this movie, we thought the display was kind of funny.

This is Melissa and I at one of the first Twins games. Go Twins!! They are starting to do really well. They have actually won the last 9 games in a row!

We went to the mall to get free Ben & Jerry's awhile back and I thought it was funny that this guy from GNC closed his store to walk down to the ice cream stand and then he sat outside the store eating his ice cream.

We ate our ice cream and Noah wanted to play at the play area, so here we are dancing on the "bridge."
This is my mom trying on glasses. We took pictures of the ones that she liked so that she could remember what they looked like.

Finally, these are the new planters outside Jeremy's work. I'm trying to figure out how to do these inside.

Ok, that's my random post. I'll hopefully have a better post here soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Aren't you sweet?! Thank you! It was exciting to see new stuff. Aren't we so spoiled to expect to be newly entertained every day by the blogs we check daily.

  2. THANK YOU BECCA! Such great pictures! It's cute your mom takes you shopping for glasses too! My mom and husband have to have help:-) Good thing they have stylish ppl w/ good taste in their lives:-D Thanks for the beautiful blog!!!