Monday, February 23, 2009

Fourth and Main Fabrics *Lots of Pictures!*

While in Cannon Falls last weekend we stopped into a new little fabric store on Main Street, Fourth and Main Fabrics. It turned out to be a beautiful store! I loved how bright it was and the fabrics were fantastic!

They were having a fat quarter sale Buy 3 get 1 free! I thought they were so pretty all together.

I learned that these rolls were called jellyrolls! Aren't they pretty!

They were offering a free pattern for this little lamb! Cute!

These buttons weren't for sale, but I thought they were pretty.

The tin ceiling was so cool! I'm not sure if it was original, but I thought it was fun.

I have been getting the bug to dive into different kinds of crafts and I think sewing might be my next choice. I'm not sure what I will come up with, but I think I'm very in love with the colors and patterns!


  1. These are beautiful. Take me along next time you go! So many fun patterns and a load of ideas running through my head.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Becca, I am going to be putting together an online ad piece for this store and am wondering if you minded if I use your photos? LOVE the store and am helping them with marketing. I was just getting ready to do photos when I saw yours. If I do not hear from you by noon on 3/26, I will take my own photos.
    Thank you!