Monday, February 09, 2009

Quick Trip to the Nelson's

Last weekend we went on a quick trip to LaCrosse to visit Jeremy's parents. We picked up his sister Katie in Cannon Falls and she had a mysterious package that was delivered to her house with her dad's name on it. We brought it to the Nelson's house and this is what it contained:

(click on link if you too want to order your own!)

This is Katie enjoying a snuggie and using the free book light!

"Guess what I'm wearing??!!"

"Playing the wii in a Snuggie is super easy!"

Jeremy's mom bought them for Jerry, his dad, as a joke and they were to be delivered to Cannon Falls in time for Christmas, but apparently so many sold that they are running about 2 months behind! Have you ever seen the commercial? It is hilarious. I just can't understand why this is a needed product. Why not just use a blanket?

We also had fun playing the Wii and the Wii fit. I had the most fun doing the hula hoop and the soccer game. These are terrible photos, butt...errrr, but with all the movement it was hard to get a good shot!!!

We had a great dinner at The Freight House on Saturday night with the rest of the family (except Ryan) I had a huge piece of prime rib and scallops and Jeremy had crab legs and prime rib. It took us two days to eat all of the left over food! It was a great weekend!!


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    A good time was had by all - - at least for me!! Come again! Kristi

  2. OH MY!!! Thank you for my daily dose of laughter!