Friday, April 18, 2008

Store Set-Up

I think my Etsy store is just about done. I've been working the last couple of days to get things listed and to get everything in order. I never realized just how much work it was! I spent about 4 hours on Wednesday just taking pictures of all of my stuff. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon editing the photos and posting. I've posted stuff every night since then and I still have a couple more things to post, but thankfully I'm almost done. One problem that I'm having is that I don't know what to write in the profile or the store greeting. It is hard for me to come up with things to say about myself! Maybe I'll have someone else write something about me.

Jeremy is out of town tonight for a men's retreat, so I have the house to myself. I stopped at Chipotle and got a burrito bowl and chips and guac. and I'm ashamed to say that I ate all of the chips all by myself. I didn't eat hardly any of the burrito bowl. I need to learn to make healthier choices.

I'm off to bed. I was hoping to get a little bit of housework done tonight before I went to bed, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I'll get up early tomorrow morning, umm yeah right. Happy weekend!

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