Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lot's O' Food

I am titling today's post "Lot's O' Food" because that's what it seems like we've been doing lately; eating and eating and eating. Monday we went to Green Mill to celebrate Karin's birthday, Tuesday we were at the Twins game, last night we went to Dangerfields with Melissa and tonight we went to Salsa A LA Salsa with Jeremy's parents. Yipes! Not only are we going to gain tons of weight, but we are going to go broke too! I actually have some things planned to make at home, but it has just worked out better to go out. Next week we will have to get back on track. We also need to start working out again. It is so hard to get up in the morning and do it, but we need to start again.

When were were in Omaha for Easter we had planed to make a whole morning of visiting a fun shopping area that I saw in my Country Home magazine. We got up early and headed downtown to find that nothing opened up until 11:00am! I was so disappointed! We had planned to be on the road to CO by 12:00pm We were really surprised that they opened so late especially because Omaha was hosting the NCAA Tournament and there were tons of tourists around. We did find one antique store that was open and spent most of our time there. Here are a couple things that I found:

Jeremy found this cute cookie jar. I love that he knows exactly what I like. He even knew where it would go in the kitchen.

I also found this great green bowl. My and grandma use there bowls for their fruit. I'm glad that I found one too! It seems like most of the things in my kitchen are green. I need to start branching out in the colors that I buy, but most of the time green just calls to me.

Finally, we went to one more store and what did I find??? Jackpot! Lots and lots of old photos. Most of them were only .10 each!! Most of the time photos cost at least $1 each. Look for lots of fun projects coming up! I have already started some, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet.

We also found this cardboard cutout of Paris Hilton - it was $35! We couldn't believe it was that expensive! I took a couple of pictures of Jeremy with it and decided that we could live without it. Yesterday were were wishing that we would have bought it so that we could have snuck it into Eric and Sara's house when they were in Hawaii!

Tomorrow we are off to another Twins game! Go Twins!!! They won today with a homerun from Morneau. Hopefully we will get to see an exciting game.

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