Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Deals!

Jeremy and I went grocery shopping today and we got some really good deals. We spent about $70 and the whole back of our CRV was full! We went to both Rainbow and Cub Foods and I think our kitchen is now full. This may not be a big deal for most people, but we are not known for making a lot of our meals at home. We go out to eat ALOT! Going out to eat gets to be expensive and it isn't very healthy. Hopefully we will be able to make some good, healthy meals with all of the food that we bought...or at least healthier than fast food!

Tonight we cooked up all of the hamburger that we bought and we are going to be putting it into the freezer so that we can just pull it out at use it for meals when we get home from work. We also made tacos and spanish rice.

We don't really have much else going on here this weekend. Mom and Dad are still out of town, so we will probably just be eating with Esther, Jason and Nathan after church and then doing our own thing after that. I would like to craft or do something like that sometime tomorrow. No other plans!

Have a good weekend!

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