Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend

Here it is, yet another post on the weekend recap!

Friday night we went furniture shopping. We have been looking for the perfect bed ever since we have been married (7 years this August) and we still haven't found it. There is a bed at the Pottery Barn that I have loved for years, but it is just too expensive and I can't pull the plug on paying that much. We didn't find one on Friday night either. The search continues. After shopping we met Melissa, Sara, Eric and Lena at Turtle's for supper.

Saturday Esther and I got up early and went to garage sales. I dropped Esther off at about 11:00 and I kept going until about 1:00. I found some pretty good stuff: scrapbooking wire paper stands, (actually found on Friday...$2.00 each!!) salad spinner, old reading books with great pictures (I might use the pictures for cards), lots of kids clothes for Esther, and much more.

Saturday night we hung out with Karin and Trevor. We went to Iron Man in Eden Prairie and then we went out to eat at Pei Wei. After that we came back to our house and Karin and I made these crazy chipboard buttons out of her scraps. Jeremy and Trevor watched a movie and made us apple strudel pie (from a box). It was good!

Sunday was Jeremy's cousin Andy's confirmation in Cannon Falls. It was fun to hang out with the whole family! Those Brages always have so much fun together. There is always a lot of laughing.

Tessa and I got over to the old Brage Farm and took lots of pictures. I'll leave you with a couple right now. I am going to be editing and posting them on flikr, but I'll post a couple here too.

This last photo was taken by Matt . We found this old Toboggan in one of the sheds and we thought it would make a fun prop for a Christmas card photo. I don't think we'll use it...the shorts don't really say, "Merry Christmas!"

I hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Looks like you had fun at the farm. I wish I would have been able to go with you.

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Found ya on 2p's what wonderful photos! Thanks for the inspiration. :)