Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Recap

It seems like on Monday I always do a weekend recap, so here it goes...

Friday night Jeremy and I took it easy. Got Zuppas and came home. I actually fell asleep on the couch for about two hours and then wasn't able to go to sleep until around midnight!

Saturday I got up pretty early and got some housework done, went to the post office to mail an Etsy order and then got ready for Tony and Nadine's wedding. The wedding was great, very touching.

Sunday we went to church and it was the last week for Sunday School. We will miss the kids, but it will be nice to have a break too. It was confirmation Sunday. Jeremy says that he loves Confirmation Sunday because we get to hear the kids talk about how much they love Jesus. I have to agree that it is pretty touching to see them get up in front of everyone and profess their love for Christ in front of the whole congregation.

After church Melissa, Tiffany and I went to the craft show in Uptown. It was a lot of fun and cool to see so many people selling their stuff. After that we went to eat at Loco Taco or Taco Loco or something like that...I can't remember. It was good, but I guess not memorable.

Sunday night we celebrated Lena's 2nd birthday. It was pretty low-key. Sara and Eric had a BBQ and Sara made an awesome chcolate cake.

I think that pretty much wraps up the weekend. I just wanted to get it on the blog because I also use the blog as a little bit of a journal. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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