Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer is Here!

This weekend is pretty low-key at the Nelson house. We had a BBQ on Friday with around 11 people. It was a round-the-world theme so I made Hawaiin and Thai Kabobs and Jeremy grilled them. Yum! I totally forgot to take pictures of the night, but if anyone wants the recipes just let me know!

I have been on flickr all afternoon finding fun summer photos. These are couple that I came up with. Don't they remind you of summer?

1. Beach Ball in Pool, 2. Green Leaf, 3. honolulu lulu, 4. "Somewhere Under The Rainbow", 5. bug or bird?, 6. Sunflower, 7. Beach Cruiser, 8. every moment has its special charm, 9. Almost ready to eat. Yummy!!, 10. Olympus 35RD, 11. 1910 - 2007, 12. Global, 13. Better late than never..., 14. beach time, 15. Imagine the Wright sisters, 16. Grilled & Loaded, 17. "It's Not A Picnic Without Food!" :p, 18. insalata caprese, 19. Ice Cream Dressed in Red, 20. one cherry, 21. pop!-py, 22. big bang in pink, 23. Wheat, 24. Cleared for Landing, 25. Smile!, 26. Real Joy, 27. Seashells, 28. Happy Girls Under a Rainbow, 29. leftover drops, 30. endless summer, 31. Running ahead of oneself, 32. When it all blows over, 33. Bliss, 34. The closed window, 35. When I'm sleeping, I slow down my breathing...Living in dreams, dreams that come true...thinking of the color blue... ZZZzzzzzz..., 36. i can taste summer! a.k.a. childhood summer! a.k.a. childhood reminiscence! a.k.a. those were the good times!
I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the long weekend!
ps, if anyone knows why my toilet keeps overflowing, let me know. It is a major bummer to deal with this weekend!

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